A time to remember that redemption and renewal are not just possibilities but facts.

Look around,

+++++as the world renews,
+++++this time of year–

look there!,
+++++Up to sky and tree
+++++and down to stream and ground,

+++++to the spring’s strong sounds
+++++of birds and breeze,

breathe in
+++++her fragrant smells
+++++and taste the cool warmth of the air,

+++++the fresh. . .

and pause
+++++to notice
+++++just how wonderful it gets,

+++++when you feel the pulse
+++++of new, clean life

+++++that’s coming up now,
+++++everywhere. . .

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One Response to HAPPY EASTER!

  1. Linda K. Langlois says:

    Ahh… thanks for the fresh feel of the day.

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