Sticky dusk sinks down
over playground lawn
I watch, alone
and see the grassy green
that drains from view
with slinking daylight’s wane. . .

my twilight sight
perhaps deceived,
my eyes perceive
a fleeting blink,
a point of light–

I blink
some more,
see little blinky flying points
that multiply,
etch scribbly paths
through humid evening air. . .
blink blink
the bright points jump–
and, like self-propelled confetti,
glowing over
growing lawn
so quiet, there. . .

I survey this scene
from dead-still children’s swing,
soak in my lady’s “dew”
and sweaty air,
gazing at the
marvel of the fireflies’ dance.

For a related poem, see “Twilight In The District” from my October 2010 archives.

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  1. bluebee says:

    Elaine, I can’t believe it – I said to my husband a few days ago that it’s been years since I saw a firefly. We saw many as children growing up in South Africa, but I’m not even sure they exist in Australia – must look it up. Your wonderful poem made me ‘see’ them again. Also enjoyed ‘Twilight in the District’

  2. carol says:

    So cool. A moment beautifully captured and held out for our pleasure. Thank you!

  3. Elaine, this is marvelous, the way you have used inner-alliteration of the vowel “i”, then some subtle rhyme. The rhythm of the piece seems to blink as do Lighting Bugs, as we more commonly call Fireflies in my neck of the woods. Right from the first line you capture the humid, sometimes oppressive days of late summer when these insect emerge, “Sticky dusk sinks down”. Great picture painted here. It captures the escape in wonder at the end of perhaps a wearying day. Beautiful.


    • Thank you, Larry.
      I enjoyed re-reading my poem in light of your comments about the effects of rhythm, rhyme and sound. It was a delicious thing to be able to capture this scene in words.

      I really appreciate your comment, hearing how well you liked this.

  4. Ramesh Sood says:

    Your extremely delicious comment brought me here.. wanted to see what all a discerning heart like yours must be writing.. and indeed what a beautiful poem this.. fireflies fascinate me… have written a couple of Haikus with them at the entre..

    I think you got my poem exactly the way it stemmed so spontaneously from my heart…when I wrote it.. You made my day today.. Huge THANK YOU! Let us continue to practice happiness.. RS : )

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