Acting like it’s summer
when you’re feeling fall
can turn out to be a real bummer,
but, then again,
you might yet have a ball. . .

Keep your head up,
though a pop of fear
and unseen grip of anger deep
flare up
to gush most boldly forth
and ride a flood of grief. . .

But life will still go on,
and you know want to, too–
even when
what waits for you
on each horizon
far and near
is anything but clear,

and you’ve scarcely sung
the dirge you promised
for the life and death of one
who to you
was infinitely dear,

and you still feel the smoothness
where the wrinkles were
on the very whitest pall
you can imagine. . .

you miss the ritual you lacked
that could have sealed for you
more apt
the sad finality,
where instead, you had to settle
for a different kind of pageant. . .

For the modern world
is just what it is–
so disconnected–
though plug-ins be ubiquitous–
and you just want to fly away from it–

But you can never
fly away from loss
or from the mess
that lurks
in your darkest mind’s abyss. . .

So pack it up, sit down
be calm, moderate your frown,
subdue your pout
and strap yourself well in. . .

For the flight
to the next segment of your life
is about
to begin.

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I pray to God
my fear to quell,
for a spell. . .

so I may,
with all due speed,
do what I can
according to my–
oops!– His/Its will. . .

Just as the circumstances need
so He/It, I and the world
in every way
may have Our fill.

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We say
“I do,”
we want
so very much
to live
a way that’s new
and different. . .

though deep grooved
old paths
will gasp their loud and ghastly gasps
to beg us from our new road to relent. . .

they hurt inside
and make their threats
to make us cry,

but we hear
some good familiar tunes
that make us want to dance,
to bounce,
to wiggle well,
shake off their rants,
and oddly this new way
feels at once good
and hard and awkward
on this day. . .

But one day
I will
at last
be relaxed and natural,
not just in a future vision,
but in my flesh and bones’
position actual. . .

and I will sigh,
so glad
I gauntleted to duel
with those spirits seeming supernatural,
so that I would finally have my way,

my brand new way,
and have it feel
quite welcome
and at home,
once I broke loose and got free
to invite it
here to stay.

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Eventide. . .
fresh darkness
rings the big, soft chirp
of crowding little crickets
that sing their song outside,
and soothe by entering my ear,

As fresh-wafting,
crisp cool air
makes whispers
‘cross my skin
and breathes me deep,
though I’m right here,
inside. . .

It calls me so
to venture forth
upon a stroll
that rolls
into a stride,
out there. . .

For I know
that that will
be my aid,
this pesky urge
(to write too many words)
to override.

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God will have to be my witness. .
For I know
no other one,
who’s human,
whom I can show and tell
all of my secret heart and action.

But when it’s time for kingdom come,
God just won’t do–
to speak for me,
and listen to me, too–
I’ll be the only one who can. . .

and I will have to grope
deep down inside of me
to find the fitness.

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Life is what it is.
We have to go
from where we are. . .

For, though
we rush to start
from any other where,
we really have no footing there. . .

And so,
that means for us
ahead to skip,
though we may thus
as in a flying bubble,
a thrilling roller coaster bump,
or while speeding as a radar blip,
quite giddy then. . .

at some point,
we’ll be bound to slip. . .
and won’t get very far.

And while it’s great
to navigate
by staring up at stars,
we still will
have to cross the gate
that opens
where we are.

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Marvelous day out. . .

Arms, legs swing. . .

Sun, air. . .

Bending joints
+++++and muscles
++++++++++seek their
+++++best function arcs
and points. . .

+++++with a little coax,
+++++++++++++++they will begin
+++++++++++++++++++++++++to SING!

++++++++++on the

I revel
+++++in the changing
++++++++++of the earth,
++++++++++++++++++++as sun,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++day by day,
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++slinks quickly southward,
And I
+++++must keep feeling
++++++++++so I stay well on the ball,
+++++++++++++++with little doubt,
tuned to settling, sinking, waning
life and light. . .

As we segue
+++++the steepest
+++++of fall.

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