Clothe yourself in love,
and it will serve
to defend
and too, to soothe,
and to warm,
and show
and grow
a greater wealth
than all the golden, silken
raiments of the world
could ever hope to prove.

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Hello Dear Readers,

My advice to you:

1. Go on a vacation or a weekend getaway, near or far. (I think near helps, here, but I’m sure far could be marvelous, too).

2. Go out for a meal or refreshments where there just happens to be live music, though you did not know there would be.

3. Fall in love with the music, buy a CD.

4. Fall even more in love with that music once you are back to real life and have a wonderful memory to hang on it.

5. Be open to the possibility that you may continue do be enriched and enjoy for a very long time.

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some days
from looks
seem oh so
ordinary. . .

but in the trunk
of living things
instead of
+++++ gems,
+++++ treasure, gold rings,
or in addition,
+++++ lie the lyre-like
+++++ pinched and twisted,
+++++ and much played upon,
heart strings,
+++++ which may, in the spiral
+++++ of their springs
+++++ abide
+++++ the makings of a coronary. . .

a heart worked hard
and not eased
and trained into
the joyful loving music
it was meant for
may somehow yet be teased
into its natural ways,
seeking peace,
and of its blessings,
singing praise,
if it haps upon
a gentle mentor. . .

it may then well go into
a stirring, old-hurts-blurring,
happy phase
so marvelous
that it ends up
seeking an encore.

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If you wail
because you long to be
about your travels,

reach in your pocket
grab that key
slip and twist it in the lock. . .

and it will loose you
from your shackles. . .

so that you roam
each place you want to see,
and live your life
in smiles
and ways
that celebrate
how you are free.

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THE DIFFERENCE (revisited/revised)

Dear Readers,

You are cordially invited to read the freshly re-written poem linked to, below.
The original appeared in July 2011. Enjoy.

And/or, carry on with whatever great things you are up to today!

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Here’s a poem I wrote December 31, 2010, but never posted on this blog until now.

With its blurry, white ball of an overcast sun,
glowing over the nippy air,
and trees clinging to leaves of crumpled-up brown,
amid ones still flaming with color,
which brighten the town–
nature is staging a pretty good show
of a very late day in the year.

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A BITE OF GRATITUDE (re-chewed) A rewrite of a 2011 Quick Read poem

Dear Readers,
Here’s a simple little poem of mine from 2011, which I’ve re-worked. I think it deserves to be called new and improved.

Thank you for your interest and attention to my work, and have a happy day!

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